Redditch Packaging Manufacturer Awarded UK Government Certificate for Protecting Client Data From Cyber Attacks

A Redditch company which manufactures packaging materials, bespoke cardboard boxes and adhesive tapes for a range of industries from automotive to furniture makers and Ecommerce has been awarded a UK government certification for protecting client data from misuse and cyber attacks.

Newtown Packaging now holds the national Cyber Essentials certification which proves the company uses best practice in the way it holds and uses valuable and sensitive information for clients.

The business has been going for 40 years but recently found itself having to deal with a number of cases of attempted cyber fraud. One included a fake invoice emailed to its accounts department. The incidents prompted CEO Luke Verrall to look at how to improve cyber security at the company and train staff in detecting fraudulent emails.

Mr Verrall said: “ Staff have always been vigilant but these fraudsters are becoming more and more adept at getting round security systems. Training the staff through a government recognised cyber security scheme meant we have the most up to date knowledge of how these people operate, what to look out for and how to prevent cyber attacks.

“It doesn’t just give us peace of mind but it is something we tell our potential customers we have in place so they know we take their security as seriously as we take our own. I am sure it will help when it comes to winning contracts in the future when businesses know we have national recognition for our cyber security.”

The company brought in cyber security advisers and managed IT solutions provider Zenzero Solutions to help them put processes in place to gain the Cyber Essentials certification and train their staff. Zenzero also deals with any issues which arise from attempted cyber attacks.

Zenzero’s cyber security adviser, Russell Howarth said: “ By going through the Cyber Essentials process Newtown Packaging has put in place a solid foundation and given staff the skills they need to keep one step ahead of the fraudsters.

“Cyber Essentials is a great IT base to maintain GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance as it addresses many of the ways cyber criminals access personal and financial data.”