Tape Slitting

Newtown can cut log rolls of adhesive tape into specified width, this is particularly useful if you need a non-standard roll size of tape to suit a specific application. Better yet it can actually save you time and money because it eliminates the need to trim tape and/or pay for tape you don't need!

What is tape slitting?

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What is tape slitting? 
Tape slitting is the process of cutting a master 'log' roll of tape down into smaller rolls of tape. With our state of the art facilities we can provide tapes to your exact measurements. We are able to slit tapes as narrow as 3mm and up to 1600mm wide (the usual maximum 'log' width).

What industries are slit adhesive tape rolls suitable for?
Custom slit rolls of adhesive tapes are common in the fabrication of metal components, powder coating, print, point of sale, signage and automotive industry.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of tapes you can slit?
We can slit log rolls of tape from 3mm and up to 1600mm wide. The maximum diameter of a 'log' roll we can is slit is 450mm.

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