FUZE™ Industry 1850 | Double Sided Tape Application Machine

Machine Description

The FUZE™ Industry 1850takes things to the next level compared to its smaller Enterprise and Business model counterparts. This machine offers faster application speeds, an upgraded heavy duty gantry, a larger touchscreen and the option to have up to 6 TAPE:EZ™ and/or MAG:EZ™ taping heads. With a 1850mm (73”) wide working area the Industry 1850 gives you the versatility to apply tapes to both small and large format materials. This machine is a reliable and versatile workhorse which is suitable for a variety of industries.

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Key Features / Benefits:

  • Apply tapes up to speeds of 60m/min
  • Tape materials up to 1850mm wide
  • Up to 6 fully independent taping or mag taping heads
  • Apply tapes in complete lengths or spots
  • Setup time less than 3 minutes

Applications / Uses:

  • Card / Paper - posters, folders, boxes, FSDU’s etc
  • Plastics - acrylic, perspex, PVC, foamex etc
  • Metals - aluminium, stainless steel, dibond® etc
  • Woods - laminate flooring, veneers etc
  • Many other specific applications

See the FUZE™ Industry 1850 in Action:

Please click on the videos below to see the FUZE™ Industry 1850 double sided tape applicator machine in action!


Technical Overview
Max. Sheet Width 1850mm (73″)
No. of Taping Heads 2, 4  or 6 TAPE:EZ™ or MAG:EZ™ Head Heads
Machine Speed Up to 60m/min
Tape Widths 6mm up to 30mm
No. of Tape Strips in One Pass Up to 8
Material Thickness 80gsm up to 40mm
Power 220V / 110V
Setup Times Under 5 minutes


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