X-Treme Light | Double Sided Tape Applicator Machine

Machine Description

The X-Treme Light is a fully electric manual feed tape application machine designed to automatically apply double sided tapes up to speeds of 35m/min to small and medium format sized materials. The X-Treme light can apply all types of tapes to materials up to 700mm / 1000mm wide and up to 10mm thick. Have from 1 up to 4 fully independent taping heads on one machine and maximise your productivity by running multiple jobs on the same machine at the same time. The X-Treme Light is widely used in the print, POS and signage industry, however it is not just limited to these markets. Commonly taped items include posters, folders, envelopes, signage, leaflets, business cards, FSDU’s and much more! With the X-Treme Light being able to tape materials up to 10mm thick, the possibilities are endless.

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Key Features / Benefits:

  • Apply tapes up to speeds of 35m/min
  • Tape materials up to 700/1000mm wide
  • Up to 4 fully independent taping heads
  • Apply tapes in complete lengths or spots
  • Setup time less than 5 minutes

Applications / Uses:

  • Card / Paper – posters, folders, boxes, FSDU’s etc
  • Plastics – acrylic, perspex, PVC, foamex etc
  • Metals – aluminium, stainless steel, dibond® etc
  • Woods – laminate flooring, veneers etc
  • Many other specific applications

See the X-Treme Light in Action:

Please click on the videos below to see the X-Treme Light double sided tape applicator machine in action!


Machine Speed 10 – 35m/min
Number of Taping Heads 1,2,3 or 4
Touch Screen Language English, Polish, Italian, French, German, Spanish
Electrical Needs 110-220v, 50Hz (USA spec available on request)
Number of Individual Tape Spots Up to 4
Minimum Tape Spot Length 25mm
Minimum Distance Between Spots of Tape 25mm
Minimum Horizontal Distance Between Tape Strips 46mm (centre to centre)
Tape Thickness Up to 1mm
Miniumum / Maximum Tape Width 6mm – 25mm / 6mm – 50mm
Maximum External Tape Roll Diameter 400mm
Internal Tape Roll Diameter 76mm
Maximum Product Width 700mm or 1000mm (depending on model)
Maximum Product Thickness 10mm
Minimum Product Thickness 80gsm
Warranty Period 12 months
Price Please contact us for pricing


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