Tape Die Cutting

We can convert adhesive tapes into any desired shape or size!

What are die cut adhesives? 
By die cutting your adhesive tape we can create a bespoke bonding product to meet your individual needs. Whether that is a specific width, length or a completely unique design, the possibilities are endless. Die cut designs can includes holes, shapes, oversized lines (for easy removal) and complimentary products can also be incorporated. For example, your tape could be laminated onto foam or other materials.

What industries are die cut adhesives suitable for?
Die cut adhesives are used in an extensive range of products, this includes: electronics, automotive fitments, signs, badges, point of sale applications and much more.

What is the maximum part size you can produce?
We can produce die cut pieces up to a maximum size of 175mm wide x 1200mm length using almost any type of self adhesive material.

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    Fast and easy application

    Reduced labour costs

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    Professional solution

    Custom made for your product / requirement

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    No waste material

    100% usable die cut adhesive parts with no scrap material